Ornate Christin + Wiehan married! | Landtscap 16/10/14 Ornate

Christin is from the States and Wiehan is South African. They had a long distance relationship which ultimately ended up in an incredibly romantic wedding. When they were dating Christin said to Wiehan “thank you for believing in long distance relationships” to which he replied “I don’t believe in long distance relationships, I believe in us”. These words sum ip this incredibly sweet couple.

Thanks you for trusting me to capture your wedding photos. I had a wonderful time doing so, and I hope that you guys cherish them as much as you cherish each other. Enjoy…














































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  1. Belen Boggs

    OMG… I love it. You did a beautiful job. Thank you so much this is amazing:)

  2. Celesté


  3. OMG!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!! Christin, what a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!

  4. Sharon miller

    Breathtaking! Spectacular! A fairy tale story!

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