Ornate Claire + Jono! | Thesen Island / Knysna 12/11/12 Ornate

Claire and Jono live just across a waterway from my parents house in Knysna. When Claire enquired for a couple shoot for her and her husband Jono I was so excited as I have been dying to do a shoot on Thesen Island for ages now! It is a photographer’s dream. Pastel colours bouncing light everywhere to make a big creamy pastel coloured softbox…YUM!

Claire is the owner of a beauty salon in Knysna. Be sure to give them some Facebook love!

Thanks for booking me for this shoot, Claire. I call it my “Country Road” shoot! ;-)



































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Ornate 7 Responses to Claire + Jono! Ornate
  1. Lee-Ann Vigus

    Nice! loving the brightness whiteness – this place looks like it belongs on a set of desperate housewives

  2. Kate

    Absolutely gorgeous noodle, you both look so happy! Fab work yet again Wes xxx

  3. too beautiful wes! it brings back all the memories of that happy happy weekend:) you’ve done claire and jono such justice in these pictures! Love them!!!

  4. Leigh vd Handel

    I just happened to bump into this… and they are gorgeous! Claire and Jono you look amazing! What a stunning shoot!

  5. Delia van den Handel

    Wow! Great photoshoot!! Love to Claire and Jono!!Hope to work with you one day, Wesley. Well done

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