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Ornate Colours to preserve: Orange | Landtscap 13/03/13 Ornate

When Leipzig contacted me to wrk with them on a styled shoot I was so excited! The theme: Colours to preserve. These are colours that are no longer popular with brides for wedding decor. They want to show us that you can use any colour and make beautiful wedding decor!

Don’t be afraid to explore and be “different”. This is the first of 4 blog pots from this shoot. The first colour: Orange! Green, mustard and brown to follow!

We did the shoot at Landtscap. Such a gorgeous venue! Can’t wait to shoot my first wedding there in June!

















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Ornate 2 Responses to Colours to preserve: Orange Ornate
  1. The first time I really enjoyed seeing the colour Orange as wedding decor ever! Pretty!

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