Ornate Dan + Yrving married! | Sea Ranch/ San Francisco 06/11/13 Ornate

I don’t even know where to start this post. Dan and Yrving live in San Francisco, California and found my work on the internet (Pinterest – I think). Yrving sent me a message and we started chatting about me possibly shooting their wedding. very soon after that I found myself on a plane to SF!!

I have never been to the States so I was super excited! I had such an awesome time with the boys and their friends. They are real gems and have become true friends! Dan and Yrving – I hope that you like your pics and i want to say a HUGE thank you again for putting your trust in me to come all the way from South Africa to come and capture your special day! I enjoyed every minute and I really hope to catch you guys in Cape Town soon! :-)






































































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  1. Wes you are one AMAZING photographer!!

  2. Delia

    Amazing work Mr Wes! Amazing! What a lovely wedding! So much love and laughter = the perfect day xx

  3. Wow Wesley! You did such a great job and captured some outstanding moments!! Love the last shot ;)


    THAT BELLLAS!, Recalled fond memories!! VERY THANKS FOR PROFESSIONALS share.


  5. Jani

    Loving this!!!!

  6. Chris Dwyer

    Amazing Wesley!! These are incredible! You’re such a talent.

  7. Craig Menzies

    You will DEFINATELY be our photographer at Peter and My wedding – love your style.
    - we will be in contact soon.


  8. Wesley,


    You are the most talented photographer I know! It is incredible how you captured every single moment through your lens. Thank you so much for coming all the way to California and capturing memories we will cherish forever.

  9. jason Lin


  10. JL Zbacnik

    Phenomenal Photography!! Thanks so much for this Wesley =)

  11. What a great job you did! Can just feel the love. They chose you for good reason.

  12. Shane R.

    So amazing, Wes!

  13. Jeremy Cornelius

    Wes – this is amazing! You managed to capture so much emotions and love – well done and a belated congrats to the couple!

  14. Henroux

    LOVE IT WOW!!!!

  15. Kerri Morgan

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! I cried when saw the mom saying her speech and her son’s response totally moving captured perfectly. Well done Wes x

  16. Willem Coetzee

    Amazing Wesley! Dit lyk ongelooflik!

  17. LOVE! So many special moments!

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  19. Helen

    Wowzers of the most takented visual kind! Beautiful pics! Xxxx

  20. Marelys

    The photos are so beautiful and you look so happy… You can’t ask for anything better, love you yrvincito ramon

  21. Dan Doveralba

    You know that super-exciting part in a movie where the superhero reveals their superpower for the first time…that’s how I felt when you busted out that reflector, Wesley!

    They say the best thing about a photograph is that it captures a moment in time that would otherwise be lost forever. THANK YOU for capturing these moments for us, our families, and our friends through such a warm lens. Forever grateful.


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  23. Wes these are so awesome, love them! :)

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