Ornate Louise + David married! | 26/05/14 Ornate













































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  1. Martie

    Pragtig! Dit was so ‘n ‘wow’ troue en Louise die aller pragtigste bruid! (mal mal oor die ruiker!)

  2. Gabi Gelderblom

    Wes you are a genius!
    I am so sad you are not photographing our wedding :(

  3. Gorgeous photos of a very handsome couple!! Wow Louise, you were such a radiant, beautiful bride! The décor.. just perfect not to even mention that dress!

  4. Annali


  5. Gerda en Hendrik van der Merwe

    Fantasties…soos jul en die wonderlike troue was!

  6. Estelle Malan

    David and Louise, beautiful photos of your wedding day!!!You 2 make a stunning couple. Louise,you look absolutely stunning.Beautiful bride!!!

  7. Petro van Zyl

    Beautiful! So romantic and the use of colour so fresh and modern!

  8. André & Verie la Grange

    Thank you for making a memorable occasion all the more memorable!!

  9. Andrea

    Oh so beautiful and colourful. Love the moments of sheer joy you capture with that camera, Wesley.

  10. Liesbet Koornhof

    Ongelooflik mooi! lekker om weer die mooi blomme en feestelikheid te kyk!!

  11. Louise

    The pictures are absolutely stunning, Wesley! Thank you SO much for your amazing work in capturing the colours and atmosphere of our wedding so perfectly! Wow, these beautiful photos really make me want to have it all over again! Love your work, you’re amazing! Xx

  12. Paul la Grange

    What a wonderful wedding, beautifully captured by such professional photographers! I am actually re-living every nuance of those magical moments.

  13. Hetsie van Zyl

    Loved all the photo’s.Everything,from the beautiful couple and friends,the flowers,venue to the fun on the dancefloor was perfectly captured by Wesley V Photographers.

  14. Marlene van Jaarsveld

    Such style and beauty perfectly captured through a truly professional eye!

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