Ornate Holiday Snaps! | Thailand 22/08/12 Ornate



















































































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  1. Wow! Now THAT looks like a holiday!! Looks like you had loads of fun, and brought back some photographic eye candy for us :) We all win!!

  2. Awesome, dolls! Looks like you spent the whole time eating, drinking and swimming… which is pretty much my definition of PERFECTION. Love the photo of the random little swimming cap girl giving the peace sign. Sigh. I am totally jealous right now…

  3. Wesley Vorster these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just so bloody good, and my husband agrees. Luv!

  4. Wesley what fabulous photos! You captured the spirit of Thailand perfectly, im longing to go back, looks like you guys had an amazing time!!

  5. Too flippin gorgeous!

  6. Wow! Makes me want to jump on the next flight to Thailand! Stunning!

  7. awesome shots wes def my kind of holiday.

  8. Oeee Wes, looks amazing! the images are so clean and happy, I’m sure you had loads of (clean) fun together!

  9. WOW WOW WOW – Thailand was never in my top 5 destinations but now it definitely is! Gorgeous photographs

  10. Delicious! Take me BACK!!

  11. Leigh Samanek

    Your photo’s are amazing.. You are super talented!

  12. Gail

    Blown Away!!! Gorgeous…

  13. Lee-Ann Vigus

    Gees louise these are fantastic! flippet!

  14. jeepers Wes! what gorgeousness!! just la la la la la la la la la la la la la la love the happy colours! :) (that’s my Justin Bieber for the day) ;)

  15. Awesome Awesome foto’s !!!!

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