Ornate Odette + Martin | Newtown 20/07/12 Ornate

Today’s post is  colourful one! When Odette and Martin proposed an “paint fight” themed engagement shoot I was super excited! I LOVE doing new things and this is certainly something fun! It’s no secret that I love saturated colour so this was right up my street!


Thanks for choosing me to capture your big day guys! I can’t wait until your beach wedding!














































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Ornate 15 Responses to Odette + Martin Ornate
  1. pretty damn AWESOME : absolutely love it. x

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun!! You probably used a long lens ;)

  3. Martin and Odette

    WOW!! Wesley, these are absolutely awesome!! We actually don’t have the words to describe how much we LOVE these photos. Thank you so much. Super excited for the wedding :)

  4. Tasha Seccombe


  5. Lizette

    Love Love Love Your Work

  6. I’ve been dreaming of doing something like this for so long, and oh man it’s awesome to see it and being done by a couple so willing to have some messy fun, love it Wes!!

  7. Jax

    Ha ha cool photos guys!

    Number 2: can’t believe you’re getting married! What on earth happened to the number 2 that used to hide so she didn’t have to go home? or who played hide and go seek in the dark? or the rolling around your garden in the tunnel thing?
    We’re getting old hey? :-)

    All the best!
    Love Number 1

  8. OH MY HAT, Wes! This is INSANE! Love it so much! :)

  9. What a lovely concept! Kudos to the couple and (naturally) Wesley for a fabulous documentation thereof! x

  10. WOW this looks like so much fun! :) What a fun couple to do something so unique and creative like this! Really awesome! Love the photography! Well captured! :)

  11. this is probably the most creative and inspiring engagement shoot I’ve evr seen in my life, EVER!!!

  12. Leigh Samanek

    Wow, what an amazing, inspiring and completely original shoot.. divine that the couple got “messy” for such stunning shots.. breathtaking!!

  13. Kelly Parker

    I’ve been thinking of doing a similar type of shoot for my own engagement. Just wondering what kind of colored powder you used for this. Beautiful work!

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